FPV’s Murdered-Out Falcon GT Concept with Supercharged Boss 5.0 V8 Debuts in Melbourne

Not to be outdone by rival Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) unleashed its first-ever concept car at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne.

Unlike HSV and its Black Edition Clubsport and Maloo R8s, FPV went for an all-blacked out look for its bespoke GT muscle car, which is based on the local market, rear-wheel drive Falcon sedan.

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2011 AIMS: New HSV Black Edition Versions of Commodore Based Sedan, Station and Ute Models

General Motor’s Holden Special Vehicles unit in Australia is following in the footsteps of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division as well as more recently, Porsche, with the presentation of a black-themed and named special edition series based on the E Series 3 range launched last September.

Making its world debut at the 2011 Australian motorshow in Melbourne, the SV Black Edition package is offered in the ClubSport R8, Maloo R8 and ClubSport R8 Tourer, which are the sports versions of the Commodore sedan, ute, and station wagon models respectively.

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GM’s Holden Readies Rebadged Chevys for 2011 Melbourne Auto Show

It’s a global economy we live in and as such, it doesn’t come to much of a surprise when we see the same vehicles launched under different brands and names in various parts of the world.

Of course, it would be somewhat unfair to Holden if we didn’t mention that it has played a key role in the development and design of several GM products including the 5-door Cruze that will be show in pre-production trim at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show (AIMS), which takes place in Melbourne from July to 10.

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Ford to Baby Boomers: We Get that You’re Old and Feeble and Can’t Read Small Fonts

*This article has been (patronizingly) posted in a larger-than-normal font for our older readers

From next year, the fonts in Ford’s Edge and Explorer SUV models will be some 40% larger as well as thicker. The reason? Baby Boomers have poor eyesight. No, really, Ford’s done a study and everything. The bigger fonts will extend to interior display screens control and A/C controls, and will gradually be rolled out onto other models in the Ford range in coming years.

In a statement on their website, Ford expressed its desire to make it, “easier for people of all ages, particularly aging Baby Boomers, to read display fonts.” Ah, like the little boy or girl who flat-out tells his grandparents that they’re old and wrinkly, Ford has snagged upon that babying / slow and loud way anyone under the age of 30 speak to anyone over the age of 50:


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Revised McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Racer to Debut at Goodwood

The MP4-12C GT3, McLaren’s first race car outside of Formula 1 since the legendary F1 GTR, will make its debut in front of the public at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Based on the new MP4-12C, the GT3 will appear in a revised form after McLaren’s team further honed the supercar. Read more »

Hamann Details Tuning Program for New BMW 6-Series Convertible, More to Come in Frankfurt

Earlier this year, BMW tuning specialist Hamann Motorsport teased its tuning program for the freshly launched 6-Series Convertible with the release of the first photos of the car.

Today, the German company gave out information on its initial offerings for the soft-top 6-Series and announced that it will unveil a more aggressive tune at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

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Aussie V8 Supercar Series Coming to America in 2013

The thundering sounds of Australia’s V8-powered racecars will soon be heard in the U.S.A. as Texas Governor Rick Perry and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, announced today a five-year agreement to bring the famed Australian V8 Supercar series to the new Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas beginning in 2013.

"The addition of V8 Supercars into our lineup at Circuit of The Americas will add to what we already know will be a rich and exhilarating fan experience," said Steve Sexton, President of Circuit of The Americas.

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Missing Link Tries to Climb Tree with Honda Chopper [Video]

Take a good look at the picture posted above. Now raise your hand if you know what’s going to happen next. If the first thing that popped into your head was that the tree is going to fall down, well, let's just say that you may want to see if this cultural motorcycle club is accepting new members.

If your thoughts involved a flying chopper inflicting a lot of pain to the biker, give yourself a pat on the back and head over the jump for a few good laughs.

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Fiat to Display 21.7-liter Mefistofele and 500 by Gucci at Goodwood Festival

Fiat’s major attraction in this year’s Goodwood Speed of Festival, which begins tomorrow, will be the famous Mefistofele. The record-breaking classic, which is based on a 1908 Fiat SB4 Corsa, returns after a decade to Goodwood and will be displayed in the “Cathedral Paddock” area. Read more »

Bugatti’s One-of-a-Kind “L’Or Blanc” Veyron Grand Sport Special with...Porcelain Fittings

Say hello to the world’s first car to wear fine porcelain on its body as well as in its cabin, the one-off Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport 'L'Or Blanc'. Admittedly, applying porcelain fittings on one of the fastest and most powerful production sports cars ever made doesn’t seem like a sound move, but when it comes to Bugatti, anything goes.

Created in partnership with Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM), the 'L'Or Blanc' was unveiled on Thursday at the porcelain manufacturer’s workshop in Berlin, German.

“At first, it seems to be an unusual idea to use porcelain in a car, especially in the world’s fastest convertible,” comments Dr. Stefan Brungs, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles. “But this is what Bugatti stands for: the realization of exceptional ideas whilst striving for the utmost in quality and aesthetics. This allows us to continue Ettore Bugatti’s heritage, who himself loved to experiment with new materials,” Brungs added.

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Drunk, Asleep and Driving a Car? The Curious Case of Dr. Donald Clegg

Donald Clegg, a 59-year old doctor from Prestwich in the UK was four times over the legal limit when he crashed his Vauxhall Zafira into a row of parked cars. He was also sleepwalking at the time and attired in a dressing gown and slippers…

Dr. Clegg pleaded guilty to driving over the limit “without due care and attention” and was sentenced to a minimum 12 month driving ban, a fine of £650 and was ordered to pay £315 in court fees and charges. The court rejected that Dr. Clegg’s sentence should be suspended due to his somnambulism (somncogoism?).

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Leaked C&D Issue Spills the Beans on Brand New Porsche 911

The wall of secrecy surrounding the brand-new 2012 Porsche 911 has cracked thanks to a forum member of Teamspeed who downloaded and shared Car & Driver’s upcoming August issue in which the magazine has an exclusive first ride of the car. C&D joined the Porsche team during the new 911’s final tests in South Africa nd here’s what they found out.

The new 911 is code-named 991 and will be launched in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Compared to the 997 that it replaces, it is 2.5 inches longer and has a 4.0-inch longer wheelbase so that it can accommodate a hybrid system, presumably from the Panamera.

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695 Tributo Ferrari Headlines Abarth’s Line-Up in Goodwood

Abarth is marking its return to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the second year in a row with the 500-based 695 Tributo Ferrari. A 1.388 cc turbocharged 4-cylinder engine delivering 180 PS at 5,500 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm powers the spirited city car with the Ferrari badges. Read more »

Toyota Sports Up Prius with new PLUS Package from TRD

At last year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Toyota displayed a lightly modified version of the Prius Hybrid to inaugurate its new line of accessories under the PLUS moniker.

Now it’s time for the Japanese automaker to release the production version of its modestly sported up Prius with the commercial launch of the PLUS Performance Package that will be available for order in July in limited numbers.

The package features styling and performance upgrades, and is optionally available on all Prius models with pricing set at $3,699 for the Prius Two, Three, and Four trim levels and $2,999 for the Prius Five.

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Kia Celebrates 20 Years in the UK

Today, June 30, Kia celebrates the 20th anniversary since it sold its first ever car in the UK. In 1991, the small hatchback Pride was the only Kia model on sale in Britain and in that year, the company managed to sell just only 1,786 cars.

However, two decades is a very long time in the automotive industry. Since then Kia has changed remarkably on its way to become an important player on a global scale. In 2010, Kia sold a record 56,114 cars in the UK and, for the first time ever, more than 2 million units worldwide.

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AC Schnitzer Unwraps New BMW X3 Tuning Package

Available since autumn 2010, the second iteration of the BMW X3 continues to draw the attention of European tuners. Seen here in AC Schnitzer guise, the F25 X3 has been upgraded with a styling package and go-fast modifications.

For starters, AC Schnitzer has upped the performance on the 2.0-liter diesel-powered xDrive20d from 184-horses to 218HP, while the company is also working on a kit for the xDrive30d as well as the 6-cylinder 2.8i and 3.5i petrol models, which will be released later this year.

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Ford: More than 50,000 Cars with 1.6-liter EcoBoost Engine Sold in Europe

Since its introduction in late 2010, Ford’s new 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine has proven to be a hit with European consumers having sold more than 50,000 units. The engine, which is manufactured in Ford’s UK Bridgend plant, is available in six different models (Focus, Mondeo, C-MAX, Grand C-MAX, S-MAX and Galaxy). The company attributes its success to its blend of performance, economy and low CO2 emissions. Read more »

All-New 2012 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Coming this Fall

Toyota officially placed the arrival of the all-new 2012 Camry sedan and its hybrid sibling (2010/2011 Camry pictured above) in the U.S. market for this fall during the company’s annual national dealer meeting which took place on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

The Japanese company said that the next generation of its best-selling model will move away from the conservative designs of the past.

“Designed to meet the changing needs of the 21st Century driver, the new Camry will provide technologically advanced features, a contemporary design inside and out, improved performance and refined ride and handling,” Toyota said in a press statement.

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MINI Inspired by Goodwood Carries…Rolls Royce Inspired Price Tag at £41,000 or US$65,700!

Apparently, Aston Martin isn’t the only British automaker to lose contact with reality when it comes to pricing special edition models. Soon after Aston Martin slapped a €48,995 (equal to £44,100 and US$70,700 at the current exchange rates) sticker on its Colette-trimmed Toyota iQ…err… we mean Cygnet, the BMW Group division announced that its new MINI Inspired by Goodwood is priced at £41,000 (€45,600 or US$65,700). Read more »

Refreshed Mazda Demio goes on Sale in Japan

Mazda announced today that sales of the facelifted Mazda Demio, or Mazda2 as the rest of the world knows it, have begun in Japan. The new Mazda2 is the company’s supermini and the target sales for its home market is 6,000 units per month. Read more »

BMW Takes Leading Car Role in New “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” Film with i8 Concept and 6-Series

Tom Cruise’s return for another impossible mission as Ethan Hunt also marks the BMW Group’s return to Hollywood, as the Bavarian automaker will be the main automotive partner in the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.

BMW’s product placement in the “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol” film comes in the form of the concept version of the upcoming i8 Hybrid Coupe, the Vision EfficientDynamics study while the latest 6-Series Convertible will also play a role in the movie.

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Aston Martin to Bring the V12 Zagato to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Only a few weeks after making its public debut at the Villa D’Este Concours and winning the design award for concept cars and prorotypes, Aston Martin’s new V12 Zagato raced at the Nurburgring 24-hour race. Now, the British automaker is bringing the stunning model, which was created by the two companies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary DB4GT Zagato, to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Read more »

Two for the Price of One: Amadou Ndiaye’s Bugatti Atless Concept

Two cars that helped establish Bugatti’s reputation as a world-class automaker during the difficult interwar period were the Type 35 and Type 57 Atlantic. Stunningly beautiful, intricately built and incredibly powerful, these two cars summed up all that Bugatti was and wanted to be.

Now, Canadian industrial designer Amadou Ndiaye has taken these two classic automobiles and melded them into one with his Bugatti Atless design study.

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Сбоить: Russian President Medvedev’s Mega Driving Gaffe Caught on Video

The man behind the “Forward Russia!” movement, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, took his campaign motto a smidgen too seriously when he almost...forwarded a Mercedes M-Class he was driving into a crowd of people cheerfully waiting for him on the side of the road.

While we can’t be 100 percent sure, from the video it looks like Medvedev either forgot to put the SUV’s handbrake on or even worse, didn’t shift out of drive and into park before jumping out of the vehicle to meet his voters.

Fortunately, Medvedev’s security was alert and managed to stop the Mercedes before it hit the crowd. The incident allegedly occurred in the city of Kazan on Monday. The video, which you can watch after the break, went viral and has already more than 200,000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

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2012 Bentley Continental GTC Speed Scooped in the Alps

Back in May, we saw Bentley trying out the drop-top version of its subtly evolved 2011 Continental GT, the GTC, at the Nurburgring racetrack. Now, our spies have spotted Bentley’s people working on the more athletic GTC Speed in the Alps.

Like the standard Continental GTC, the Speed shares the sharper styling cues of the coupe model launched last year adding a more aggressively designed front bumper with new openings, hood air vents and a discreet boot lid spoiler along with larger alloy wheels to the mix.

The GTC Speed will benefit from the revisions we saw on the coupe and which include a redesigned dashboard with an updated instrument panel and a new touch-screen interface plus new seats and trim materials.

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1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder with just 2,300 Miles and a…$100,000 Paint Job

An imaginary pod of dolphins pictured swimming in a sky of stars may look cool on a pinball machine but on an Italian exotic like the 1994 Ferrari 348 Spyder it’s more like decorating a classical sculpture with graffiti…

And if that ain’t enough to make you flip your lid, learn that the Austin, Texas dealer selling this cars claims that the paintjob, which is the work of the “world famous Hawaiian artist Christian Lassen” cost –get ready for this- $100,000!

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Rumors: BMW to Bring Six-Cylinder 6-Series to the States and Possibly Introduce an AWD Version

The crew over at Autoblog.com is reporting that BMW plants to sell a six-cylinder version of its new 6-Series Coupe in America after all. When the Bavarian automaker introduced the latest 6-Series Coupe and Convertible models, it had stated that the U.S. would only get the 650i with its 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 that delivers 400-horses in NA-trim and 407HP in the EU.

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Scion Releases Pricing on 2012 xB, Unsurprisingly it gets New Audio Systems

When Scion announces a new model year change for one of its vehicles, more often than not, it concerns an upgraded audio system and nothing much else. That’s the case with the 2012MY xB which enters the new model year with a standard AM/FM/CD/HD/USB 160-watt maximum output Pioneer audio system, which includes HD Radio technology and Bluetooth connectivity allowing for both hands-free phone connection and streaming audio capability. Read more »

Robocarpocalypse Begins: Nevada Asks DoT to Draw Up Legislation for Driverless Cars

I can’t remember if there were self-driving cars in the third Terminator movie, though frankly I can’t remember anything other than that red leather and vinyl outfit Kristanna Loken was wearing. What were we talking about? Oh, yes, the robocarpocalypse.

With the passing of Assembly Bill 511 in the Nevada Senate, the U.S. Department of Transport will now have to draw up rules governing autonomous vehicles on the state’s roads.

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Video: Fifth Gear Pits McLaren MP4-12C against Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia, Ferrari's V8 supercar, is the default choice in its category. Sexy, with a fabulous design and the latest in automotive technology, it is a pure driver’s car to be enjoyed by anyone who can afford it.

Yet McLaren plans to spoil Ferrari’s party claiming that its own brand-new supercar, the MP4-12C, can beat it. On paper, little separates them. But the question for car fanatics remains: which one is better?

To find out, Channel 5's Fifth Gear presenters Tiff Needell and Jason Plato decided to pit the Ferrari against its new challenger from Britain. Their verdict? To find out, just follow the jump and watch the video…

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2012 Renault Koleos Facelift Inspires Gordini Rendering

Even though Renault’s revival of the Gordini badge has left a bitter taste to fans of the famous nameplate, the French carmaker’s decision to use the brand for upscale versions of its vehicles has proved to be successful with almost two-thirds of Twingo Renaultsport models sold in Europe and one third, in the case of Clio Renaultsport being Gordinis.

Recently, Renault also applied the Gordini treatment, which consists of bespoke styling cues and equipment upgrades, to a non-RenaultSport model, the Wind Roadster. This move inspired Carscoop reader reader L il-k Amaru to render a Gordini version of Renault’s most recent new model, the redesigned Koleos SUV.

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Cold-War Leftovers still Very Popular in Russia

It’s been over two decades since the collapse of communism in the former USSR and the introduction of capitalism to what is now Russia. However, a relic from the past, a car that was introduced back in 1982 (actually even older if you count the vehicle upon which it was based on), is still quite popular with the locals.

The car we ‘re talking about is the Lada 2107 which along with the 2104 and the 2105 versions are Russia’s second best-selling cars, only behind Lada’s much newer Kalina hatchback.

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Toyota and Lexus Hybrids Recalled Over Stalling Issues

A problem with the electronics of the hybrid system, which could cause certain Lexus RX 400h and Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUVs to lose power or stop running, is the reason behind the Japanese carmaker’s latest recall.

Toyota said about 45,500 Highlander Hybrid and 36,700 Lexus RX 400h vehicles from the 2006 and 2007 model years sold in the USA are affected by the voluntary recall.

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More Good News for Saab as Swedes Receive €25 Million Loan

Another day, another new story for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget –or, as you might know it, Saab. The Swedish company announced on Wednesday that it has entered a €25 million convertible bridge loan from Gemini Investment Fund Limited.

The loan’s annual interest is 10% and the conversion price is €1.38 per share, while Saab can at any time repay the loan, presumably when the expected Pang Da and Youngman Lotus funding is received, without a penalty.

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Meet the Most Happy-go-Lucky Driver in the World [Video]

Upon viewing this accident that was caught on a security camera for the first time, the initial reaction is shock: a large bus (seemingly) drives through a red light and crashes with an oncoming bus at the intersection.

Take a closer look at the footage though and shock is quickly followed by bewilderment when you notice a small green vehicle, which looks to be a three-wheeler tuk-tuk (or rickshaw), passing between the two busses milliseconds after the impact and just as the second bus falls onto its side!

From what we can tell, the green tuk-tuk came from the park and turned right on the central road. The accident reportedly happened in Bangladesh on Monday. Check it out for yourself in the clip after the break.

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Daimler Signs US$2.87 billion Deal with BAIC

The picture may seem familiar: Chinese and German businesspersons on the same table signing some papers, while German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, standing behind them with their country flags are floating in the background.

Only this time the Germans are Daimler’s executives, not Volkswagen’s, and the other signatory is BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation).

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Gordon Murray Unveils Radical T.27 Electric City Car

Gordon Murray is best known as the mastermind behind the creation of McLaren’s F1, which at its time was the fastest supercar of the world – and, before that, for his work and revolutionary ideas in Formula 1 teams such as Brabham. However, that was a long time ago and now Murray is obsessed with creating a unique city car.

So today his company, Gordon Murray Design, unveiled in London their latest ultra compact city car, the T.27. It is a project that was completed in just 17 months from conception to a running prototype, including the design of a new electric powertain by Zytek Automotive Ltd.

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Peugeot Announces Special Edition RCZ Asphalt for the UK

Peugeot has opened the order books for a new limited edition version of its funky looking RCZ sports coupe. The United Kingdom will receive only 75 right-hand drive examples of the RCZ ‘Asphalt’ with pricing set at £29,995 (equal to US$47,840 and €33,540) a piece.

The Asphalt is based on the top-of-the-range GT trim featuring a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 200-horses.

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Judge Rules Chrysler can’t have the “Imported from Detroit” Tag Line for Itself

As we mentioned last week, Chrysler used an award winning ad that aired during the Super Bowl on February 6 to introduce its “Imported from Detroit” message. But, guess what? It wasn’t the only to use the tag line.

Pure Detroit clothier also uses it, and opposed the automaker’s attempt to trademark the phrase. As it usually happens in those cases, Chrysler sued, Pure Detroit counter-sued, and their lawyers got to work. Eventually Chrysler lost.

US Federal Judge Arthur Tarnow ruled that Chrysler’s claim that it would suffer irreparable harm didn’t have merit. He also noted that the company didn’t have a trademark on the phrase, and dismissed its argument that the trademark law doesn’t apply on cars.

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Audi UK Celebrates 24h of Le Mans Win with R8 V8 Limited Edition

Earlier this month, Audi snagged its tenth victory at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon race with the R18 TDI and to mark the event, the firm’s UK division has churned out a special edition version of the R8 V8 sports car with a unique paint and enhanced standard equipment.

The R8 V8 Limited Edition is reserved exclusively for UK customers, with only 100 examples currently scheduled for production. It is available to order from July in coupe form only and with either manual or R tronic automated manual transmission priced from £93,935 OTR.

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Opel Increases Market Share in Europe, GM Still not Happy

Opel has increased its share in Europe this year, with sales rising 6% up to May, giving the brand a market share of 7.4%, compared to 7% in 2010. So mother company GM must be satisfied, right?

Well, not entirely, according to Automotive News. And that’s because Opel’s cars are technologically advanced and due to high German working rates, are quite expensive to manufacture. However, they cannot be sold in prices similar to direct competitors such as Volkswagen because they lack their rivals’ image.

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